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Paying for College in the 21st Century

It’s one of the biggest questions parents struggle to answer: “How are we going to afford the best education for our children?” Sadly, despite their best efforts, many families deplete their education savings before their children even finish college. Often they don’t know enough about the financial-aid process to receive the help that could have made all the difference. Financial Planner and College Funding Advisor Harold A. Green fills in the blanks by providing the ultimate guide to tackling the astronomical cost of a higher education.


In "Paying for College in the 21st Century" he shows middle and upper-middle class families how to qualify for more need-based financial aid through long term financial planning and proper decision-making.


  • Why college tuitions are so high in the first place
  • The ins and outs of completing the FAFSA and PROFILE applications
  • The biggest myths about paying for college
  • The do’s and don’ts that can cost a family thousands of dollars in aid
  • How proper planning can protect the parents' current lifestyle and future retirement plans





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