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Hi, I’m Harold Green.  We probably don't know each other—not yet anyway.  I may have seen you at Long's or maybe even sat next to you at Zippy's. But I see the concern on your face and know that lately you’ve had some things on your mind; things that keep you up at night: "Can we really afford the college that our child worked so hard to get into?" or “Will I have enough money when I get older?” or “Will I ever be able to retire?”


These are questions millions of people ask themselves every day—financial hotlines hear these inquiries from everyone from millionaires to people who are financially pressed.  

However, many people interviewed these days say that saving for college is more important than their own retirement. Yet, 73% say they have no plan to pay for college.

As a result of these underlying trends, people have a pressing need for and are seeking knowledgeable and objective professional financial advice regarding college and others areas.  

My firm is locally owned and uniquely structured to help you get your children to and through college in a comfortable manner without going broke or spending your life savings. 

I’ve helped families figure out a way to pay for college and in many cases create thousands of dollars in savings at mainland colleges including University of Oregon, University of Washington, University of Portland, Cornell University, University of Michigan, New York University, Pace University, The New School, and many more.  People who meet me usually say, “We wish we would’ve met you earlier!”

One of my greatest beliefs is that the price of an education should never be a burden.  Because of that I passionately assist families with college funding planning in order to help them navigate the daunting task of getting a child to and through college in the most comfortable manner possible and still have funds left over at the end of it all. 

Not knowing all of the strategies available to you will force you to put your retirement on hold by an average of 5-10 years or pay 30-40% more for the cost of college than you should or simply make you give up on your child’s education without even trying.

Working with me prevents this from happening.  I do this through legal and ethical planning techniques that have been proven over the last 15 years that very few financial professionals will take the time and learn about. 

Well, I’ve enjoyed sharing with you and look forward to hearing from you soon.  Let’s make sure the price of an education won't be a burden for you.

Harold A. Green, CLU®, CAP®
Fiduciary Advisor

Securities and Investment Advisory Services offered through GurardianPointe Private Wealth Management a Registered Investment Advisor Firm.

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At HG Capital, we help Hawai’i’s parents work through the challenges of paying to send a child through day care, private school, summer camp, college - you name it, because we are here for you!

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