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College Financial Planning FAQ’s


College funding is the process of evaluating your child’s educational goals, your financial goals, and then aligning them in order to get your children to and through college in a comfortable manner.

Our services have made the biggest impact on families that are in the so called “Middle Class” situation. These parents face a financial crunch every time and in many cases, the EFC calculation will tell them that they don’t qualify for aid or give them a very discouraging number.

Yes. Especially if you are like many of our clients who don’t have the time to figure out the process and are not willing to gamble $40,000 or more away in money that they could’ve received. Time, effort, and resources must be invested in order to put together a solid game plan.

Having someone to actually hold your hand through the process can be the difference between a good night’s rest and countless nightmares. Contrary to popular belief, completing the FAFSA is not the only way to get financial aid for college. You will need a College Funding Consultant to guide you through the complexities of the system and to help you make decisions that keep paying for college under control and in line with other financial goals.

Like doing your taxes, if you have the time, the background, and the know-how, you can learn part of the process and do some of the work on your own. However, there are still so many areas of the process where our expertise can get you more money for college than you normally would by just filling out the forms and hoping for the best which is what many parents are doing these days because it’s easy. This process is not all about filling out forms which anyone can do. But knowing that 74% or higher go in with errors and inconsistencies this is not an area to take a gamble.

I’ve spoken with quite a few schools and college/career counselors and their biggest challenge is getting parents to start working on this sooner rather than in the senior year of high school. Most schools will have a FAFSA night that gives parents a general idea of what happens with the FAFSA as all Federal funding is issued or denied based on it . However college funding planning needs to start many years prior as suggested earlier.

Many of these companies limit their support to areas of financial aid only. They offer no real strategies that will save you money on the cost of college.

The meetings that are held by the high school college counselor are geared towards helping your student select a college. We take a more comprehensive approach. Not only do we want your student to pick a school that’s right for them but one that’s also right for your budget.

73% of parents polled admitted that they have no real plan to pay for college. If you do have a plan, you may not be sure that it’s going to work. Most people have ideas but no written plan with step by step directions to make it work.

No, we simply provide solutions tailor-made for your specific situation to pay for college without going broke or spending your life savings.

There’s a ton of information out there. The question is how much of it really pertains to your exact situation? The information and solutions we provide have been tested and proven to work by our current clients who are sending their children to colleges and universities such as Creighton, NYU, University of Michigan, Cornell, and Columbia.

If you can answer yes to ALL four of these questions, then you’re well on your way. If not, you really need to come in for a free visit.


Is your plan guaranteed to do the following? Yes or No

1. Cover the entire cost of college, expected or unexpected? Yes or No
2. Allow you to continue living the same level of lifestyle or better? Yes or No
3. Allow you to keep on track to retirement? Yes or No
4. Do all of the above without going into debt? Yes or No


These services have saved many families $20,000 off the college cost!




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